At RFK we have a full range of larders to suit your needs, Classic pull out larders, Available in 300-500mm. Tandem Larders, Swing Larders and The Chefs Pantry with internal pull out larder. All come fitted with soft stop closing system.

Le Mans
Magic Corner
Corner Carousels
Tandem Larder
Swing Larder
Chef's Pantry
Base Unit Pull-out
Classic Towel Pull-out
Classic Tray Unit Pull-out
Arena Base Unit Pull-out
Classic 45ยบ Angle Pull-out
Wine Rack
Ex-Large Wine Rack
Wall Unit Twister
Spice Rack
Under Sink Tidy
Utensil Draw Tidy
Plate draw

Keeping things in order can be difficult, but RFK can offer solutions to maximise every inch of space in your kitchen, eliminating any unnecessary lifting, pulling or reaching.

The Le Mans system is the perfect corner solution. With shelves that pull out in a perfectly controlled and effortless sequence of movements. Pull Out Larders to give everything its own place and built in carousels with gallery shelves to give you accessible storage with no awkward reaching.

We also have sensible kitchen storage solutions such as draws which organise your cutlery, utensils and spices or drawers which go plinth deep to store larger items. At RFK we have a storage solution for everything.

  • Maximise space
  • Ease of use
  • Sensible solutions
  • Eliminates clutter