09 February 2018

A raised and fielded door design is a classical design made popular by the Georgians and Victorians

Often made as 5 x piece door, with an outside frame made up of a top and bottom, referred to as rails and two side pieces referred to as stiles. These outer frame pieces surround or ‘field’ the centre door panel, holding it in place.

The centre panel slopes up or is ‘raised’ from its outer edges giving rise to the term ‘raised and fielded.’

RFK offers a bespoke, tailor made kitchen service where doors, such as ‘raised and fielded’ and ‘Shaker are still made using 5 x pieces and traditional cabinet making skills. In this instance, the centre panel is held in place by the rails and stiles, but allowed to expand and contract with air moisture and temperature changes; this is particularly important with natural timbers. As with the cabinetry - RFK’s bespoke, ‘handmade’ service allows raised and fielded doors and Shaker doors to be produced to any dimension; even extreme curves are possible!

Given its complexity, isn’t a 5 x piece door expensive?
Flexibility of both product and service is one of RFK’s fortes.
RFK’s custom made service is extremely competitive and strikes the optimum balance between quality, traditional cabinet making construction methods and cost.

However, working closely with high quality brands that employ modern manufacturing techniques, has also enabled the ‘5 x piece door look’ to be emulated using a single piece of material. This has the effect of bringing the cost of production and assembly down so that RFK’s designers can offer a similar look at a much lower price point.