26 January 2018

Whether you live in a grade 2 listed Tudor house, an Edwardian farmhouse or a Victorian terrace, you don’t have to be a slave to the past. It’s important that you have a kitchen design that you enjoy and that fulfils all your requirements.

Don’t forget that many of these wonderful properties have survived because they have evolved with the times and have adapted to the needs of current times and custodians. Consider this; if left in a truly period state, one wouldn’t be enjoying the benefits of inside toilets, running water and electricity!

This brings me swiftly around to the kitchen. There is the rather old fashioned school of thought that a period property should have a period style kitchen. Once again, depending on how old your property actually is, it’s doubtful that your home would have ever had a kitchen in the way that you and I know a kitchen to be; given this, even a ‘period style kitchen’ is somewhat of an alien concept to the original interior fabric of the property.

Aside of building alterations such as removing walls to make a bigger kitchen space (In these instances, it’s always best to consult planning particularly where listed status is concerned) there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t have the particular style of furniture design that you like. Traditional, a traditional with a contemporary twist or even a sleek - ultra modern design are all possibilities and the success of the end result is very much down to the skills of the designers; this is something in which RFK’s designers, being based in historic Warwickshire, excel.

Some of the most successful and celebrated designs of today; designs that make the pages of the glossy national home interest magazines and interior design publications, are those that present a pleasing visual contrast - where modern, angular, high gloss design works hand in hand with misshapen rustic ceiling beams and uneven walls.

What if I have a really awkward room space to work with?
There will be situations where the extent of building works possible is severely restricted and removing walls or extending simply isn’t an option. This can leave you with a difficult space with extreme characteristics such as sloping walls, low- uneven ceiling heights and historic architectural features to work around. When this is the case, standard cabinetry sizes and shapes simply won’t work. But don’t despair, RFK has a solution that needn’t be cost prohibitive and that can best exploit the space you have.

RFK’s custom made cabinetry size and shape service, means that they are able to make any space work whilst celebrating the historic nature of the buildings architecture.

Modern, slab doors can be created to fit the cabinetry, or if you prefer, a more traditional approach in the form of raised and fielded or ‘Shaker’ door designs. Whatever your choice, all RFK custom made furniture can be produced in a wide range of natural woods or painted finishes to suit.