12 January 2018

An all too common misunderstanding of the true meaning of the word ‘bespoke’ means that many people, looking for something truly special, often buy into service that fails to deliver on all their requirements.

Many perceive a bespoke service to mean something truly wonderful; an exquisite and truly unique product that has been lovingly produced to suit specific to requirements. In some instances this might be the case - but please be aware!
The basic word ‘bespoke’ actually means anything that has been produced to order with some input from the customer. Given this, even some of the most basic offerings from the ‘DI Y sheds’ could be deemed bespoke if, at the time of ordering,
one has a choice of handles and finishes.

Even those with large budgets, seeking ‘trophy’ furniture brands can often pay a hefty premium for what is a relatively restricted specification based on pre-set brochure ranges!

What you need to determine is the extent of ‘bespoke’ service that’s available.

Bespoke tailoring of pre-existing ‘off the shelf’ furniture ranges will most likely limit you to certain cabinet sizes, finishes and accessories. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the furniture is of a poor quality; it simply means that to reach a certain
price point a degree of standardised production has been introduced.
Standardisation can and does, to differing degrees, affect brands at all price points – low, medium and high.

Bespoke furniture design and manufacture; this service should go a much greater distance to achieving your exact tastes and requirements.
With such a service one would expect a much higher degree of cabinet size and shape flexibility allowing the designer to more readily exploit the dimensions of your available space. Such a service is particularly relevant when working with period
properties which often feature extreme proportions.
The ability to match a specific paint shade or to work with natural timbers and veneers is often the mark of such a service and is certainly feature of RFK’s bespoke manufactured product.
Cabinet size and shape flexibility is the domain of the master cabinet maker and with that, high grade material specifications such as veneered timber cabinets and timber – dovetailed drawer boxes are in evidence.

At RFK we offer all levels of bespoke service, to suit all budgets and firmly believe in substance and value for money over any brand hype. This philosophy, coupled with our highly experienced design team means that we are always able to exceed expectations.