05 January 2018

The benefits of an island can be many. From simply adding additional storage and work-surface to providing a breakfast bar / dining arrangement and a home for appliances - there is no denying the usefulness of an island, aside of aesthetics. The question is, should services and budget allow, how do you know if you have enough space?

As a rule of thumb, you need approximately 1 metre (3’ in old money) between the sides of an island and any wall / base cabinets. This space is required to enable you to not only manoeuvre around the kitchen with ease, but also, to allow you to fully open all cabinets and drawer boxes.
For example, to fully open and pull down a dishwasher door takes a considerable amount of space and if there is a breakfast bar or integrated seating arrangement, you don’t really want to be continually asking people to move in order to open a cupboard opposite or to squeeze past.

Got your heart set on an island, but don’t think you have enough space?

Due to RFK’s design and product flexibility an island might still be possible; RFK’s design team love a challenge!

It might be that a small, mobile island can be incorporated that can simply be wheeled out of the way when the occasion demands OR RFK’s bespoke design and manufacturing service, that isn’t restricted by standard cabinet sizes or straight runs of furniture could produce a shape and dimension that could make an island possible?

Rest assured, RFK have spent almost 30 years meeting and exceeding customer expectations and can make the seemingly impossible – possible!