Innovation is a change in the thought process, a useful application of new ideas or products.

At RKF innovation is always part of the design process. We transform ideas into new creative designs with a goal to making a positive impact on our client's lives.

  • New innovative designs
  • Improved products and services
  • Unique design process
  • Improved quality and design
  • Unique design process

Whether it's a need for custom height worktops or state of the art appliances, RFK are here to create your dream kitchen.

Burbidge Kitchens
Siemens Compact SE-GV550
Siemens Cook Controls
Siemens Flame Tronic
Neff Flex Induction Hob
Neff Kitchen Stories
Neff Lighting
Neff Point and Twist Control
Siemens Steam Oven
Siemens CoolDuo
Neff Slide and Hide Door